Wharfe ValleyWharfe ValleyThe Wharfe Valley near Bolton Abbey Landscape Photography 


An thorough 5 hour course in the Yorkshire countryside or the Peak District  taking in the views and capturing them!

The course will take in a number of locations along a set route which will allow the student to practice a variety of landscape photography skills supported by group sessions and personal coaching.




Learn the following during a stroll through the countryside:

  • Landscape composition : How to create interest in an image and to make sure that you capture the essence of the scene rather than take a simple snapshot.


  • Use of ND filters / Slow Shutter Speeds : How to use the shutter speed creatively, blurring water or clouds, creating movement in the landscape and how to photograph waterfalls.


  • Manual mode / Programmed Auto mode :  Taking control of your camera and make adjustments appropriate to the conditions / subject.

All levels of experience are catered for and each course will be tailored to your photographic needs and learning styles.


All of our courses include a personal workbook for each student to use during the event and to retain for reference after the event and 30 days of distance learning support following the event.



Location: Bolton Abbey or the Peak District, you must provide your own transport to the location. The route may be strenuous and weather conditions may vary.

Timings: Course will run 10.00 - 3.00

Dates: Dates can be privately booked subject to availability.

Cost: £50 per person